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Systems of Care / Wraparound Initiative


What is Wraparound?

Wraparound is an intensive team-based planning process that follows a series of steps to help children, young adults, and their families accomplish their family vision. This individualized care planning process is a shared commitment amongst professionals, youth, families, and natural supports to the 10 principles of Wraparound to drive the process.

What is Systems of Care?

Systems of Care is a spectrum of effective services and supports for children, youth, and families with or at risk of health or other challenges and their families organized into a coordinated network that builds meaningful partnerships with youth and families and addresses their cultural and linguistic needs in order to help them to function better in all life domains. This is a necessary organizational infrastructure to collaboratively overcome cross-sector barriers in child-serving systems which youth, families, and system providers are experiencing locally. Wraparound operationalizes Systems of Care at the practice level.

> How Wraparound & Systems of Care Came to Be (Background) 

10 Principles of Wraparound

  1. Family Driven & Youth Guided

  2. Strengths Based

  3. Natural Supports

  4. Individualized

  5. Cultural and Linguistic Responsiveness

  6. Team Based

  7. Community Based

  8. Collaboration

  9. Persistence

  10. Outcome Based

Visual Explanation of Wraparound Principles & System of Care Core Values [PDF]

System of Care Core Values

  1. Family Driven and Youth Guided

  2. Community Based

  3. Cultural and Linguistic Responsiveness

> What youth and families can expect from the Wraparound Staff

> What the Wraparound staff expects from youth and family 

> Who is eligible for Wraparound?  

> Automatic Acceptance into Wraparound  

> How do I get accepted into Wraparound?  

> Measuring Success in Child and Family Team Meetings with the WFI-EZ

> What is the barrier submission form?

> How do I submit a barrier for review?

> How does the Children’s System of Care review barriers?

> Technical Assistance Partners


County-specific forms & resources


Baker County
Gilliam County
Grant County
Lake County
Malheur County
Morrow County
Sherman County
Umatilla County
Union County

(For Day Treatment, Wraparound, Intensive Care Coordination, Intensive In-Home Behavioral Health Treatment, Crisis and Transition Services, or Parent-Child Interaction Therapy)

Wallowa County
Wheeler County


If you or your client have recently visited the emergency department for a mental health crisis, please utilize this document: Advocating for your loved one during a crisis: A guide for parents and caregivers while at the hospital emergency department.

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