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GOBHI Foster Care


Being a foster parent is an incredibly rewarding—and challenging—experience. Providing a safe home for a youth in foster care can positively change their life and prepare them for a safe and healthy future.


Our skilled foster parents are part of our team-based approach and enable us to provide a safe home environment in local communities that supports the healing, resilience, and growth process for youth.

We use a trauma-informed approach grounded in Collaborative Problem Solving to provide foster homes for youth in Oregon. Referred youth are involved in the Child Welfare System or are being supported by their local Community Mental Health Program.

Our Mission

Provide advocacy, intervention, and support to interrupt generational trauma, build healthy communities, and develop stable, connected children and families.

Join Us

Use our online platform to begin the application process.

Current foster parents: Log in to Binti to update your certification information.

Steps to Becoming a Foster Parent with GOBHI​


Connect with us

Contact our team today to get started, or apply today!


Start the certification process

Complete your application, supporting materials, and attend an orientation.

No need to leave home—we bring the orientation to you!


Get trained

We provide 39 hours of initial training and at least 16 hours per certification year thereafter.


Complete your home study

We will connect you with a Regional Child Placing Coordinator who will walk you through the process.


Your journey begins!

Once you’re certified, our experienced team will work with you to ensure placement of the most appropriate youth for your home and family dynamic. After placement, our team will continue to provide weekly youth and foster parent support, in addition to a trained team of individuals being available 24/7.

Ways to Help

Referral Program
Referral Source

You can receive up to $1,000 for referring foster families to GOBHI

  • $500 stipend given to referral source upon initial certification of the potential foster family

  • $500 stipend given to referral source after potential foster family has provided one year of care

To Qualify
  • Potential foster parent must indicate the referral source during application process

  • Potential foster parent must not be certified through DHS Child Welfare or other Foster Care Agency at the time of application to GOBHI

Learn More​

Contact us at, or call 541-298-2101

Foster Plus (Therapeutic Foster Care)


Our Foster Plus program provides full-time services and care to youth in foster homes with foster parents certified and trained by GOBHI. Youth are involved with the Oregon Department of Human Services (DHS), Child Welfare Division.

Typical length of youth placement: 6 – 24 months.

Planned and Crisis Relief Care


Relief care providers indicate when they are available to accept youth into their homes for short periods of time. Providing relief care allows more flexibility to individual foster parents and foster families that are unable or do not wish to provide full-time care.

Relief care providers are a valuable resource to their communities and our full-time foster parents. Youth are enrolled in our Foster Plus program or are involved with their local Community Mental Health Program.

Typical length of relief care: 2-14 days.

Minimum Qualifications:

21 years or older and be willing to:

  • Pass a home and fire safety inspection

  • Complete a criminal and child welfare background check

  • Keep an emotionally and financially stable household

  • Provide a separate bedroom for foster youth

  • Have fewer than 4 children living in your home if you are a single applicant, or fewer than 5 children if you are two-parent applicants

Our Training Program

To support the success of our foster parents and the youth placed in their homes, we provide a minimum of 39 hours of training prior to a youth being placed in a foster home. Our training program includes individual, group, and online opportunities for learning. Each year, we support foster parents in receiving at least 16 additional hours of training.

Trainings offered by GOBHI:

  • Collaborative Problem Solving

    • Introduction

    • 8 week parent training course

    • 3 day Tier 1 training

  • Non-Violent Crisis Intervention

  • Overview of program policy and procedures

  • Therapeutic intervention trainings specific to the youth in your home

Contact Us

For questions about foster care at GOBHI, please contact Director of Foster Care, Adam Rodakowski:


Phone: 541-298-2101

Getting To Know You


Throughout the home study process, GOBHI’s foster care team will get to know you and your other household members.

We use the information gathered to help determine which youth will be the best fit for your home and how our team can best support you and the youth to reach targeted goals.

We Support Our Families

  • Reimbursement of up to $2700 monthly for each youth

  • 2 paid days off per month supported by GOBHI

  • 24/7 on-call support

  • Assigned Regional Child Placing Coordinator for support

  • Initial and ongoing training

If you or your client have recently visited the emergency department for a mental health crisis, please utilize this document: Advocating for your loved one during a crisis: A guide for parents and caregivers while at the hospital emergency department.

Senate Bill 710 Reporting

Oregon Senate Bill 710, adopted in the 2021 regular session, requires quarterly reports to be completed and submitted to the Children’s Care Licensing Program (CCLP) regarding restraints and involuntary seclusions of children in care. GOBHI's reports are available for download below.