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Rental Assistance Program (RAP)

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Greater Oregon Behavioral Health (GOBHI) administers a Rental Assistance Program for individuals with a serious mental illness.

GOBHI has a program that serves Sherman, Gilliam, Wheeler, Grant, Harney, Lake, Malheur, Baker, Union, Wallowa, Umatilla, and Morrow counties through Community Counseling Solutions. The State of Oregon’s Oregon Health Authority is the sponsor and funder of this program.

How it Works

Supported housing is a combination of financial assistance and supportive services that allows an individual to live as independently as possible in their own home. There are two staff positions that work with the program. There is a Residential Specialist and Peer Support Specialist. These positions coordinate the program components such as applications to rental management companies, finding a rental unit, payments to the landlord, support components including but not limited to: financial budgeting, community navigation, assistance in finding other community resources, and maintaining healthy relationships.

The program can help with deposits, utilities, and rent. The program can also help with move in expenses, such as purchasing a bed, household supplies, and other essentials. 

Staff also conduct a pre-move inspection and an annual inspection to ensure that the unit is a safe and functional unit for habitation, as well as doing monthly check-ins with the clients in their homes.


To participate in the program the person must have a diagnosis of a serious mental illness as defined by the state of Oregon in OAR 309-032-0311(17).

The OAR states:

“Serious Mental Illness” means a psychiatric condition experienced by an individual who is 18 years of age or older and who is:

(a) Diagnosed by a QMHP as suffering from a serious mental disorder as defined in Oregon Revised Statutes (ORS) 426.495 which includes, but is not limited to conditions such as schizophrenia, affective disorder, paranoid disorder and other disorders which manifest psychotic symptoms that are not solely a result of a developmental disability, epilepsy, drug abuse or alcoholism; and which continue for more than one year, or

(b)   Is impaired to an extent which substantially limits the individual’s consistent ability to function in one or more of the following areas:

A.  Independent attendance to the home environment including shelter needs, personal hygiene, nutritional needs and home maintenance;

B.  Independent and appropriate negotiation within the community such as utilizing community resources for shopping, recreation, transportation and other needs;

C.  Establishment and maintenance of supportive relationships; or

D.  Maintained employment sufficient to meet personal living expenses or engagement in other age appropriate activities.

Eligible people must also meet one of the criteria listed below:

  • Transitioning from the Oregon State Hospital to a community served by EOCCO.

  • Transitioning between a licensed residential setting and a community served by EOCCO.

  • Living in a community served by EOCCO without supportive housing and is at risk of reentering a licensed residential or hospital setting.

  • Homeless (as defined by HUD) in a community served by EOCCO.

  • At risk of being homeless in a community served by EOCCO.

The program maintains a waiting list based on funding constraints or issues the potential participant may have in finding a good match with a rental property, such having a criminal history or owing money to various utility providers.

Who to Contact?

Marci McMurphy
Project Manager

Eastern Oregon Rental Assistance Program
Community Counseling Solutions

Residential Specialist:
Alita Nelson, 541-256-0692

Peer Support Specialist:
Sam Fisher, 541-256-0376

Complaints and Concerns

GOBHI and its contractors are committed to quality customer service.  If a customer has a complaint or concern they should contact GOBHI at 1-800-493-0040, TDD: 711 or send a letter to:

GOBHI Privacy Office
401 East 3rd Street, Suite 101
The Dalles, OR 97058

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