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About Us

Founded in 1994, GOBHI is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit corporation that is charged with administering the behavioral health Medicaid benefit, non-emergent medical transportation and community engagement in 12 rural and frontier counties in Oregon. GOBHI is a co-owner of the Eastern Oregon Coordinated Care Organization, along with Moda Health, and also provides various direct services statewide.


Greater Oregon Behavioral Health, Inc. is a rural/frontier behavioral health and social services network, empowering individuals and communities to achieve better health.


We envision strong, healthy communities where all individuals are supported in achieving health, wellness, and their full potential.


Diversity, Equity and Inclusion – We support the delivery of community-based healthcare which cultivates diversity, equity and inclusion by respecting and valuing each individual’s cultural beliefs and practices, health literacy, preferred languages and communication needs.

Customer Centered – We listen to needs, express empathy and compassion, and approach our work and all interactions with others with a supportive attitude.

Quality and Outcome Focused – We monitor and provide continuous improvement to identify gaps in service, decrease inefficiencies and provide a better experience for the people we serve.

Accountability – We hold ourselves accountable to the people we serve and meet regulatory obligations through robust program evaluation, measuring program and cost effectiveness. We share information and data on our performance with a commitment to transparency, integrity, and respect for the people we serve and our partners.

Collaboration – We value collaboration with Members, stakeholders, and partners at the local, state and federal levels. These relationships are the cornerstone for achieving our common goal of engaging diverse perspectives and knowledge to help people live healthier lives in thriving communities.

Innovation – We foster innovation through collaborations, from lessons learned from our members and emerging healthcare research.


Performance – We closely track progress on contract deliverables in real time and provide excellent service to members in our catchment areas. GOBHI consistently exceeds expectations for CCO 2.0 and beyond.

Business Model – We have a proven, strong, competitive, transparent and effective business model, gaining continuous process improvement through data and stakeholder feedback, ensuring people get the behavioral health care that they need, where possible, in their home communities.

Financial Stability – We utilize sound financial practices in order to sustainably maintain a reliable and recurring revenue stream in order to meet its current and future budgetary and operational needs.

Branding – We are a trusted, community-based, leader, committed to working with internal and external stakeholders to achieve superior behavioral health administration and outcomes.

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