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Donate to GOBHI Giving

Looking for a great cause to support in Oregon?

You can help GOBHI make a difference through our Foster Care program, which provides advocacy, intervention, and support to interrupt generational trauma, build healthy communities, and develop stable, connected children and families.

Community donations allow us to make creative solutions and expand our efforts in ways that wouldn’t be possible otherwise. Your tax-deductible gift today can improve the lives of some of our most vulnerable Oregonians!

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Please use the form below to make your donation.

Examples of our donation-based giving work:

  • *Please Note: While you cannot specifically target your donation towards any single item or service in this list, we will spread the funds raised throughout the Foster Care program to answer needs as they arise. The following are examples of the categories of needs GOBHI will address by gathering tax-deductible gifts.

    • After school activities

    • Child care

    • Educational/support activities

    • Foster parent training

    • Funds to support long trips critical to care

    • Gym and/or aquatic club memberships for youth

    • Youth camps

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GOBHI, a rural/frontier behavioral health and social services network, is also a 501 (c) 3 nonprofit organization.

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