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Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

At GOBHI, we are committed to our highest priority value, DEI:

“We support the delivery of community-based healthcare which cultivates diversity, equity and inclusion by respecting and valuing each individual’s cultural beliefs and practices, health literacy, preferred languages and communication needs.”

As a leader in the delivery of behavioral health and social services in Oregon, we seek to embody this value in our daily work. We are dedicated to our partnerships and close working relationships with diverse communities in Eastern Oregon and throughout the state. Additionally, GOBHI honors tribal sovereignty and recognizes the inherent right of tribal nations to self-determination and self-governance.

GOBHI’s work culture is one that fosters an environment of understanding and ongoing learning to promote a sense of belonging among staff, regardless of their protected classes of race, religion, color, sex, marital status, familial status, national origin, age, sexual orientation, or gender identity, and for people with disabilities.


GOBHI's internal DEI Committee is dedicated to furthering these values and putting change into action. The goals of this committee are:

Goal 1:

Make trainings and resources for Culturally Responsive and Implicit-Biased informed (CR-IB) care available to GOBHI Staff

Goal 2:

Cultivate an inclusive work climate and culture that

a) is reflective of DEI best practices in communications and relationships among GOBHI staff, and

b) supports the adoption and sustainability of health equity promoting initiatives

Goal 3:

Inclusive work setting - advance recruitment, retention, and career development of a diverse GOBHI staff workforce

DEI Lens and Careers

GOBHI is committed to an inclusive and equitable work environment. We encourage job applicants from diverse communities and value these important perspectives.

Bilingual Pay

GOBHI is committed to meeting the bilingual needs of EOCCO members and has identified key positions which require bilingual skills.


Employees in identified positions requiring bilingual skills will be compensated approximately $4,000 annually, in addition to their base pay, for their abilities according to the service requirements.


GOBHI holds annual diversity, equity, and inclusion trainings for our staff, hosted by outside partners.

In addition, each staff member receives an annual $1,500 training allocation, which can be used for certifications related to DEI.


Employees have the option of using their holiday leave pay to observe GOBHI's standard holidays, or they can choose to work on these days
and observe other holidays
 of their choosing.

GOBHI staff stigma event_edited.jpg

GOBHI staff at a Breaking the Stigma event in Pendleton.

GOBHI staff golfing_edited.jpg

GOBHI staff at a golf tournament benefitting the CTUIR Yellowhawk Tribal Health Center scholarship.


Lourdes Reyna Alcala, MS


Community Health Development Director

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