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Free rides available to cooling stations

The summer heat wave can be dangerous. We at EOCCO can help. Members can now get free rides to cooling stations.

Call our Non-Emergent Medical Transportation (NEMT) team at 1-877-875-4657 to schedule a ride.

Cooling Stations by County


  • Baker County Library, 2400 Resort St., Baker City

  • Haines Library, 818 Cole St., Haines

  • Sumpter Library, 245 S. Mill St., Sumpter

  • Richland Library, 42008 Moody Road, Richland

  • Halfway Library, 260 Gover Lane, Halfway

  • Huntington Library, 55 E Jefferson, Huntington


  • Gilliam County Library, 134 S. Main, Condon

  • Gronquist Building, 1650 Railroad Ave., Arlington


  • Church of the Nazarene 311 Roe Davis Ave., Hines

  • Harney Community Center 484 N Broadway Ave., Burns


  • Origins Faith Community’s New Hope Day Shelter, 312 NW 2nd St., Ontario

  • Four Rivers Cultural Center, 676 SW 5th Ave., Ontario


  • Irrigon Library, 490 NE Main Ave., Irrigon

  • Boardman Baptist Church, 200 Willow Fork Dr., Boardman

  • Oregon Trail Library, 444 N. Main St., Heppner

  • Boardman Library, 200 S. Main St., Boardman


  • Sherman County Public School Library, 65912 High School Loop, Moro


  • Eastern Oregon Trade and Event Center, 1705 E. Airport Rd., Hermiston

  • Pendleton Day Center, 715 SE Court Ave., Pendleton

  • Milton Freewater Library, 8 SW 8th Ave # 1501, Milton Freewater

  • Pendleton Library, 502 SW Dorion Ave., Pendleton

  • Umatilla Library, 700 6th St., Umatilla


  • Cooling Station 2008 3rd St., La Grande, OR

  • First Presbyterian Church, 1308 Washington Ave., La Grande

  • Faith Center, 10208 South D St., & 211 First St., La Grande

  • Community Connections, 1504 N Albany St., La Grande

  • United Methodist Church, 612 4th St., La Grande

  • Community Kindness, 1315 Adams Ave., La Grande

More resources

Helping Older Adults in Your Community

During hot weather, think about making daily visits or phone calls to older relatives and neighbors. Remind them to drink lots of water or juice, as long as their doctor hasn’t recommended other steps because of a pre-existing condition.

If there is a heat wave, offer to help them go somewhere cool. These can be places like air-conditioned malls, libraries, or senior centers. Or offer a ride in an air-conditioned car.

Heat-related illness can sneak up on people and bring a risk of fainting. Checking in is a great idea.

To connect with senior services in your area, reach out to the Aging & Disability Resource Connection of Oregon:



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