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Basic facts:

  • Overdoses involving fentanyl have spiked in Eastern Oregon.

  • No one is immune. This danger affects every community.

  • You can’t smell or taste fentanyl.

  • It greatly increases your risk of overdose and death.

  • Counterfeit pills often contain fentanyl and can be deadly. 

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Fentanyl Warning Fliers
Information For Parents

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2 mg of fentanyl is enough to result in a deadly overdose
Overdose deaths have spike in Eastern Oregon
Fake pills often contain fentanyl and can be deadly
If you find someone who may have overdosed call 911. Carrying and knowing how to use Narcan can save a life.

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More Resources

  • Wounds From Fentanyl With Xylazine
    Xylazine (“tranq”) is an animal tranquilizer that is becoming common in the illicit drug supply across the country. It is being mixed with other street drugs, especially fentanyl.Learn more from this fact sheet provided by Oregon Health Authority.

  • One Pill Can Kill
    Facts about fentanyl in pills and photo comparisons of authentic and counterfeit pills. 

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