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Coordinated Care Organizations Integration

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CCO Integration


The GOBHI Coordinated Care Organization (CCO)  field staff serves the needs of the Columbia Pacific CCO and the Eastern Oregon CCO. Field staff members include Paul McGinnis, Troy Soenen, Linda Watson, Jill Boyd, Leslie Ford,  and Chelsea Maranville who provide a unique blend of skills and expertise that assist in CCO activities related to the following functions:

Community Health Development

GOBHI provides facilitation, support, advice, guidance and education regarding important CCO issues and trends to Local Community Advisory Councils and the Regional Community Advisory Council. Field staff also provides recruitment assistance for all local agencies engaged in serving the health and well-being of each county as well as each respective plan member. Tasks assigned to each LCAC include community health assessments, community health improvement plans, annual reports and special presentations. Staff associated with this function include Troy Soenen, Linda Watson, Leslie Ford, and Paul McGinnis.

Primary Care Practice Transformation

GOBHI provides on-site practice facilitation to assist primary care clinicians and staff in practice transformation efforts with the intent to enhance health care delivery and population management in alignment with the Oregon Health Authority’s Patient Centered Primary Care Home Program (PCPCH). Change strategy outreach through county specific PCPCH learning collaboratives include the following topics:  workflow redesign, using data (incentive metrics) for quality improvement, and measuring patient satisfaction and access to care. Staff associated with this function include Jill Boyd, Leslie Ford, and Paul McGinnis.

Behavioral Health & Mental Health Integration

The integration of behavioral health and mental health into schools, primary care clinics and community settings is critical to health behavior change and CCO success. Better collaboration and integration between physical health and mental/behavioral health agencies is essential for increased health outcomes and continuity of care. Key functions include monitoring contracts between primary care practices with full integration of mental/behavioral health services on a per member/month basis, strategies for the community-wide reduction of opioid prescriptions, medication assisted therapies and facilitating the need for “pain schools.” Staff associated with this function include Leslie Ford, Jill Boyd, and Paul McGinnis.

Data Analytics

GOBHI provides analysis of data to community groups, clinics, boards and others with the intent to enhance the understanding of data for informed decision making. Key functions include the analysis of claims data to identify costly and “at-risk” patients, practice management data reviews, gaps in preventive health services to OHP members and descriptions of utilization and spending patterns for physical, oral and mental health. Staff associated with this function include Jill Boyd, Troy Soenen, and Paul McGinnis.

Public Health Integration

The goal of public health integration is to strengthen the relationship between the CCOs and public health agencies that focus on population-based community services. The field staff will support and engage local public health departments in the integration of tobacco cessation programs, targeted case management, and maternity case management, among others. Staff associated with this function include Paul McGinnis.

Special Projects

GOBHI is housed with leaders and innovators who are proud to respond to the needs of local communities when opportunities become available. Field staff members are able and willing to support and/or submit requests for grant funding that aligns with the mission of GOBHI and the CCO communities we serve, such as the USDA Rural Utilities Services tele-health grant. Staff associated with this function include Paul McGinnis, Troy Soenen, Linda Watson, Jill Boyd, Chelsea Maranville, and Leslie Ford.

Violence Prevention

Violence is a significant problem in the United States, affecting people in all stages of life. Survivors of violence can suffer long term effects for the rest of their lives, such as an increase in mental illness and chronic health disease. GOBHI has partnered with St. Anthony Hospital in a community health approach to reduce child abuse. Through a strong collaboration among community partners, and wide spread availability of parenting programs, empowers and educates parents of the benefits of positive parenting. Staff associated with this function include Chelsea Maranville.

Eastern Oregon Healthy Living Alliance (EOHLA)

EOHLA is a not-for-profit corporation established and supported by GOBHI with the intent to provide resources towards the implementation of the EOCCO Regional Community Health Improvement Plan. Staff associated with this function include John Adams (Executive Director), Henry O’Keeffe, and Paul McGinnis (who serves as a designated liaison with the EOHLA Board).

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