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Choice Model Program


The Choice Model Program, previously known as the Adult Mental Health Initiative program (AMHI), is designed to promote more effective utilization of current capacity in facility-based treatment settings, increase care coordination and increase accountability at a local and state level. It is designed to promote the availability and quality of individualized community-based services and supports so that adults with severe and persistent mental illnesses are served in the most independent environment possible and use of long term institutional care is minimized. This is achieved, in part, through effective utilization of current capacity in facility-based treatment settings, increased care coordination and increased accountability at a local and state level.

Target Population

The target population that this program serves is those with a Severe Persistent Mental Illness (SPMI) diagnosis or those who because of a mental illness:

  • Are currently residing at a state hospital
  • Are currently residing in a licensed community based setting
  • Are under a civil commitment
  • Were under a civil commitment that recently expired
  • Would deteriorate to meeting one of the above criteria without treatment and community supports.


The Choice Model Program will expand and grow in areas that are currently developed to better serve and support these individuals in the least restrictive environment possible. These areas are:

  • Supported housing
  • Crisis and Mobile crisis services
  • Rehabilitative mental health services (not paid for by current insurance, such as case management for Medicare or private insurance)
  • Development and promotion of peer delivered services
  • Recovery-oriented services (cultural and community supports)
  • Supportive/supported employment
  • Guardianship services
  • Exceptional Needs Care Coordination
  • Transition Planning and Management


On July 1, 2016, Oregon Health Authority contracted with KEPRO for the following services related to fee for service behavioral health:

  • Conflict-free case management
  • 1915(i) eligibility determinations
  • FFS medical appropriateness reviews
  • Treatment episode monitoring

Who is Kepro?
KEPRO is an accredited national care management and quality improvement organization, providing innovative and outcomes-focused solutions to reduce unnecessary healthcare utilization and optimize care quality for public and commercial clients.

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For technical assistance or questions about enrollment:

Sarah Carpenter
Adult Mental Health Coordinator – Care Management
Phone: 541-397-0315
Email: scarpenter@gobhi.org


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