Quality Improvement Program

From its onset, GOBHI recognized company-wide quality goals that have been integrated into all department activities.  At its most fundamental level quality improvement aims to sustain and improve the health status of Members by measuring and improving performance of care and services within the health care delivery system processes and structure.  GOBHI is committed to improving the health status of the population it serves and, by extension, the community.  High quality professionally competent health care and responsive member services are provided to all Members.

GOBHI views quality as an integrated company responsibility (promoted by specific indicators facilitated by the Quality Improvement Department).  GOBHI’s Board of Directors, management, departments, committees, oversight entities, Providers and community representatives all participate in quality improvement activities.  GOBHI believes that input from appropriate committees, Members, Providers and other stakeholders must be solicited on an ongoing basis in order for its quality efforts to be successful.

The GOBHI quality improvement program is based on a philosophy that emphasizes a systematic, organization-wide perspective that involves everyone.  It is focused on achieving satisfaction for both internal and external customers and improving Member outcomes within an organizational environment that seeks continuous improvement of systems and processes. This outcomes data will be made available to members, practitioners, and providers as part of the quality improvement program evaluation that is completed annually. This evaluation assists GOBHI and our network practitioners and providers in recognizing areas that require improvement and where services are being delivered successfully so that this success can be mirrored across our health network.  The foundation is good business ethics.  Professional integrity and mutual respect are defining characteristics of the philosophy.